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Using Webinars to Communicate Value

Last week I did my first Webinar. It was fun and I think it went pretty well.  It was a great way to use technology to communicate valuable content to a targeted audience. At MBO Partners, we are rolling out some changes to the on-line expense entry system that our Associates use. We wanted to present the […]

Part 3: Using WordPress and Artisteer on a new Business website

The web site project is coming along.  WordPress is installed and working. The theme looks good. Now to get the details in place.  Just like most projects, the first 80% goes pretty well, then you start running into the final details that can go on forever without some good project management.  As my teams know, I am […]

Part 2: Using WordPress and Artisteer on a new Business website

Once we had WordPress installed and working,  it was time to make the web site look nice.  We wanted it to look like our current web site, but with a new color pallet.  WordPress is great about separating the function from the look and feel.  It uses themes to control the site layout. What were the options for getting […]

Part 1: Using WordPress and Artisteer on a new Business website

My company, MBO Partners, is branching out to offer our services into some new markets. That means we need a new website.  I got an email from the Marketing Department asking if we could get a new site up for a launch in a few weeks. They are pretty happy with the look and feel of […]

Seven things my business is doing with Twitter

We all see lots of discussion about what to do with Twitter. I wrote about what you and I might do with Twitter personally in my last post. I want to share with you how my business, MBO Partners, uses Twitter. Like most businesses, we have just started, but we have begun to get some […]

Entering Expenses. Yuck!

Okay, we all hate doing expense reports.  You just have to do a search on Twitter for expense reports to see how much everyone hates it.  But we do want to get reimbursed for our expenses and our company wants to make the IRS happy.  So we do have to do it.  The problem is that […]

North Ideas

David NorthI like to solve problems with technology. In this blog, I'd like to share some of my ideas and also tell you about solutions I am currently working on. Welcome, and please share your own ideas with me by leaving a comment.

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